Pitchfork Ales

Our Story

New – BUT OLD!

Epic Beers Limited trading as Pitchfork Ales may be a new company but it’s history can be traced back over 30 years!

Directors, Mark Davey and Graham Dunbavan were instrumental in the growth and famed reputation for quality that was gained by RCH Brewery from 1983 through to 2017 when it unfortunately went in to liquidation. Made redundant, Mark and Graham saw an opportunity – the beers that Graham had lovingly developed and brewed were far too good to die with the old company and so, Pitchfork Ales was born.

Between them, there’s well over 50 years of brewing and brewery experience, all of which is being called upon to get Pitchfork Ales’ beers back out to a world of beer lovers who have been enjoying those beers for nearly 25 years! After plenty of red tape and negotiation, Mark and Graham were able to purchase the original brewing equipment from RCH and have therefore been able to set up in the same location. The same awesome brewer, brewing the same epic beers in the same place – it’s a little bit fairy tale but when the beer is that good, who cares?!

So you see, our company may be young, but the proud history of what we’ve produced before stands behind us as we build on it even further. It’s going to be an epic journey, so grab a pint and join us!