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East Street Cream is back! (but not for long!)

Last week we had a very special brew day! It was the first time that Pitchfork Ales had brewed a special, limited edition beer and there was one beer that topped the list from our old RCH days that we just had to brew – East Street Cream!

It became a regular beer of RCH Brewery after proving so popular as a special that demand meant that it had to be brewed regularly. However, with increased competition and our own Pitchfork being our hero beer, East Street Cream’s dedicated following meant that the numbers just didn’t stack up and it had to be discontinued by RCH Brewery before they sadly disappeared.

Ever since that decision was taken though, there has been an outpouring of love for this delicious 5.0% ABV chestnut coloured premium bitter. Almost every enwuiry we’ve had recently has been asking when it was come back! So many of your wonderful beer lovers list East Street Cream as your favourite beer of all time – so when we looked at the brewing schedule saw we could sneak a special one in, East Street Cream was the unanimous decision amongst the Pitchfork Ales team.

So here it is – but not for long we’re afraid! It’s a one off brew, brewed by Graham the beer genius who developed it originally and what’s more, it’s been brewed to the very original recipe using Fuggles hops! Back in 2015, due to supply of Fuggles pretty much drying up, the recipe had to be evolved to allow production to continue with a suitable substitute, now though, as Fuggles is more widely available, this very special limited edition brew has been produced using that first, original recipe that caused so many people to fall in love with this awesome beer!

Tell your friends, badger your landlord and spread the word that East Street Cream is back – there’s only 60 casks available and they’ll go in no time! Show it some love and enjoy!

East Street Cream is available in 9g firkins, ready for dispatch from 16th October onwards.

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