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Month: December 2017

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Two new brews – it’s getting busy!

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at the brewery, some of it down to more pubs wanting more of our beer and some of it down to the two new brews we’re almost ready to be sending out!

First off, we brought back one of the beers that we used to brew when we worked for RCH Brewery – GoldBine!

GoldBine is a great modern beer, it’s our brew that showcases just what can be done with British hops when they’re used in the right way. Triple hopped over four hopping stages, GoldBine is really bursting with fragrance and flavour and there’s not a single international hop in sight! 3.8% ABV and sparkling gold, it’s a beer worth sampling!

The second new brew has an ugly name but is a beautiful beer! Frogbit is named after the beautiful and rare Frogbit plant that grows in the rhynes surrounding our brewery. We know the name is unconventional but as the beer is as beautiful as flowering Frogbit and is just as rare, we figured it was a good fit. Frogbit is 4.4% ABV and amber brown in colour as well as being triple hopped, there’s multiple layers of comforting malts interspersed with slightly spicy hop aroma and a fruity finish. No frogs have been harmed in the making of this beer you’ll be pleased to know!