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Month: July 2017

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Pitchfork Ales is alive!

It’s been a rocky few months, the demise of RCH Brewery where Mark and Graham used to work was an interesting time to say the least! What’s more it’s all very well and good setting up your own brewery, there’s the small matter of some brewing plant and all those casks required to house the beer!

The last couple of months saw Pitchfork Ales place a bid on the old RCH Brewery Assets (mainly the brewing equipment and casks) but it was unsuccessful, a disheartening outcome as there was little interest in the equipment and the cost of moving it to a new site for any other brewery would be prohibitive, however, with the lowest bid it was perhaps not meant to be.

Anyway, to cut a long (and frankly, quite boring!) story short, lady luck was smiling and so it came back to Mark and Graham, who of course were able to do a deal to purchase all of the old RCH Brewery equipment – what this means for you, our fellow beer lover, is that the beers you’ve loved for so long, Pitchfork, PG Steam and Old Slug will continue to be brewed by the same awesome brewing hero (Graham) as they always have been and in the same place on the same equipment – we’re passionate about consistency of quality and this seals it completely.

So Pitchfork Ales is alive! We’re super excited about getting the beers back out there for you all and meeting you at various beery type places, but most importantly, we sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and love for what we do, knowing you guys love our beer as much as we do, is what helps to motivate us to do even more and of course, there will be!